I stared outta window from my 27th floor apartment room in South Jakarta while watching the glorious skyscraper from distance, dossier of cars passing-by, and people mumbling their own mind, everything look like… how can I describe it? lifeless? its just like piece of things working simultaneously in the shadow of uncertainty.

Skipped a blink then drew my lighter and lit up my last cigarette whilst read on my emails. It was a very long day tho, back to back meeting with a client in their office in another part of Jakarta, took me around 3hrs to get back home, Jakarta’s traffic imma rite?? I often questioned myself, why in the hell I'm in this place the first time? trapped with a boxed paradox called idealism? on a moment like this I miss the most my humble room in Jogjakarta, you can say it far from fancy, but it is very serene without that unnecessariness, moreover her cheerful smile that I haven’t seen in a long time.