Linkedin, Redesigned

Earlier this May, Linkedin turned into 15y.o and they created #WhenIWas15 challenge, so as a loyal user I thought to accept the challenge. Then after a few nights I scrapped 5 on-going paragraphs and I decided to do other things more interesting rather than sharing my uninspiring story when 1 was 15y.o, Redesigning the Linkedin Mobile App.

I wanna say thank you from the deepest of my heart to the team here, with this platform, I met a lot of new people, got a lot of new opportunities, and gained a lot of user bases.

I understand that working on a big platform that has a lot of paying user is a little bit tricky to do some exploration, even a company like Google that has to explore with brand new product such as Inbox by Gmail to try the new design system rather than radically change their original Gmail. I was working on one of the biggest unicorn in Indonesia, at the very beginning they have no mature branding or design direction to go alongside with the UX, and we were carefully doing trial and error to make a decision on the design, and it took years.

Why it has to be redesigned at the first time?

Linkedin has released lots of new features since couple years ago, that means with the business growing fast and lots of new features have been added since, the old UX Architect already overloaded, the foundation hasn't been adjusted properly to accommodate all the new features, and it cause a lot of inefficiency. For example, when I wrote this article, I wrote it and put it in the draft, later that day, I tried for like 5 minutes to find where they put my draft on.

There are lots of inefficiency on the current design, for example, there is no clear section where should I click when I want to see my profile statistic such as Post Views or Who's Viewed My Profile Recently, you have to find it thru notification panel. Or when I want to see my recent posts, its like they are on purpose hiding what we've been doing recently. And the idea of combining saved jobs and saved posts from someone into single section is quite make no sense.

disclaimer : I have no access or whatsoever on Linkedin's data, so everything I put in this article are based on my personal judgement and observation.

Know the Users

Before doing anything, it is either a redesign or just readjustment, we need to know who is our user first, and I am limiting myself here into only the regular user, no professional recruiter.

  • casually looking for job
  • desperately looking for job,
  • building personal branding
  • networking!

Regardless what kind of archetype the user, assuming that they are needing to know about their profile engagement, so they could understand better who their audience. The very first thing I’m doing here is to facilitate the needs by creating easier navigation to track their stats.

Navigations and Primary Screens

The goal is to create more effective navigation that could accommodate not only current live features, but for other visible features in the future as well. Thus we deconstruct the current design first


Then, we start to prioritize the importance of the available menus, and we decided to keep the four main menus ( Home - Networks - Message - Notifications ) and we merge the others into a new menu, which we named it More ; not necessarily the same with the current More which only for a premium subscription option, but it could accommodate everything else into more intuitive way.

  • Adding context on NETWORK menu, the current design has this crazy endless scroll of People You May Know. It’s understandable that Linkedin encourages us to connect with people that we might know, but truth is that not necessarily the case, it’s always someone that I do not know or related or whatsoever, by categories it into several sections with related suggestion with our profile might able to minimize our doubt and boost the engagements.
  • MORE, this omnichannel going to be the newest addition to the main navigation, it could accommodate any other features in the future, let's say Linkedin wants us to write more article, for instance we can put the dedicated article section on this particular area without revamping the whole structure all over again.
  • SAVE IT FOR LATER, there is a 'save feature' on current design, and what it does is to save your saved job list and saved the post, think we need to separate job and post or article, let's keep the job related to the job section it self

Profile Status

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is no dedicated section to access the profile stats, so making one is an obvious one


and it happen for like everything. Profile Appearance, Post Engagement, Recommended and Similar Job, you can see below when I tried to find who's recently viewed my profile I have to scroll down a couple times to find the right notification.

NB : Linkedin has an algorithm to push particular notification at a specific time, but we can't count on their algorithm to push what kind of information we need to go on the top whenever we want, amirite?


The idea of this feature is to accommodate all the necessities, integrating all analytical stuffs into one place, so, as user whatever our goal is, we can easily track back who's has viewed our profile, or where did our profile appeared within the time range.

My assumption here maybe a little bit bias, because maybe not all of us need this kind of data, but as this feature part of our profile and we put it under profile section, either you want to see or not, it’s very reachable there..

The Takeaways

I always love doing exploration of what’s work and what’s not, as my written disclaimer above, my insight is limited due the lack of valuable information on the current condition from Linkedin.

Whatever it is, however the condition here, Linkedin always going to be part of our professional lives, and for me personally this platform is one of the game changer for my career and growth.

Thank You, Linkedin and Happy 15 y.o!