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Running and Running

I keep running back to you, again and again.. And you keep running away Till we never be in the same place, ever again. Have you ever feel tired?…

September 21, 2018


It might be hard to be lovers But it’s harder to be friends Baby pull down the covers It’s time you let me in Maybe light a couple candles I’ll just go ahead and lock the door If you just talk to me baby…

August 22, 2018

Times Goes By…

Lot of your friends are married and have kids, they have priority switched, from hanging out with you to spent the rest of the night with their families. And now you are feeling lonely, and wandering and regretting…

August 14, 2018

Oh Boy

Somehow I’ve never been so nostalgic about the future before…

March 19, 2018

Kan Sudah Kubilang…

Persis Setaon yg lalu.. kan sudah kubilang jangan jadikan Jakarta sebagai tujuan, biarlah Jakarta menjadi kota asing yg bakal kau singgahi sesekali saja.…

February 28, 2018


Happiness is state of being, not having. – unknown…

February 7, 2018

And we’re the only difference

These canals, it seems They all go in circles Places look the same And we’re the only difference The wind is in your hair If only they could see If only they had been here They would understand How someone could have chosen To…

January 30, 2018

The Right Person, Wrong Time

Timing is always something that none of us can seem to get it right when it down to relationship. We meet the person of our dreams the month before they leave to go study abroad. We form an incredibly close friendship with great person…

January 18, 2018

Im not Scared..

Friend : why do you so scared of fallin in love?? Me : No, Im Not! I fall in love with many things in this world, I love my family I love my friends, I love my pets, I love Sunset so does Sunrise,…

October 16, 2017

OST. My Quarter Life Crisis

Twenty-five years and my life is still Trying to get up that great big hill of hope For a destination I realized quickly when I knew I should That the world was made up of this brotherhood of man For whatever that means And…

September 19, 2017

Panggung Sandiwara

Dunia ini panggung sandiwara Cerita yang mudah berubah Kisah Mahabarata atau tragedi dari Yunani Setiap kita dapat satu peranan Yang harus kita mainkan Ada peran wajar ada peran berpura pura – Nike Ardilla     Sebagian orang sedang berpura-pura bahagia, Sebagian lagi sedang berangan-angan,…

September 7, 2017

Selalu Ada Alasan

Selalu ada alasan untuk merindukanmu. Sesederhana kebetulan menyaksikan indah langit senja yang tidak seperti hari biasanya. Tapi tanpamu. Selalu ada alasan untuk merindukanmu. Seperti saat kebetulan menemukan sudut terbaik di suatu kedai kopi yang sebelumnya tidak pernah kita datangi. Tapi sendiri. Selalu ada alasan…

May 12, 2017