Award Winning Product Design Consultant
Formerly, JiffyApps, Stashboard and GO-JEK Indonesia

We’ve so lucky that Ervan joined GO-JEK at the first time, he’s the one that helps managed the UI and UX also the iteration, when we launch our first app it’s still in BETA and MVP, but Ervan already managed to create the iteration far further into 2.0, provided us on step-by-step improvement and growth.

Alamanda Shantika Digital Activist & Entrepreneur, and Former SVP of Product GO-JEK

I met Ervan first time from Crowdsourcing, and he amazed me with his vision, and we worked the since then.

Janis Viklis CEO of

Ervan is one of the designer you love to work with, my experience with him as Head of Product of GO-JEK, often he proposed amazing solution in addition to improve the experience, not only understand the design trend, he also understand how the developer work, so it's amazing we had him since the beginning

Lutvi Rosyadi Head of Product GO-JEK

Excellent designer. I’ve been working project twice with Ervan, and what I know he always asking lot of question regarding the business, the technical environment on our team and etc, at the end, he’s not just a UI/UX Designer but merely a Product Manager, gave us lot of suggestion in the middle of development, which is nice and sometimes it was a critical decision for our business

Mirlind Zhabjaku Business Analyst IKASystem

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